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    Living in a nice and healthy environment is certainly important to our well-being and our health, and it starts with where you live and in what type of house or flat you are living. You do not want to live anywhere close to any type of pollution or pollution-generating facility like a big factory emitting a cloud of black smoke on a regular basis. Live at least 1 kilometer away, and preferably more, from such an unhealthy neighbor you do not want to have.

    Are you ready to look for different houses and buy your very first one? If yes, then you have to know exactly how you can determine whether you found the right home for you and your family.

    Each and everyone has a different idea on what a perfect home is. But to generalize it, an ideal home is a house that caters to you and your family’s needs for shelter. Typically, a house with an appropriate number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen is enough. To others, the style, decorating and the square area is essential factors to consider.

    Assuming that you have already ticked all the practical point in your checklist, how can you tell that you have found the right house?

    How Is The Neighborhood

    First of all as we just hinted above, it is important to choose a location that is clean, green and healthy, with no nearby pollution. Ideally it should not even be close to a highway or a road with a lot of traffic. Research has shown that living at the proximity of a highway will increase your chance of getting cancer.

    Make sure the neighborhood is clean with no junk or waste materials around. Is there any construction going on around your candidate house, are the neighbors often remodeling their kitchen or replacing their roof. This type of project will generate a lot of debris that require some junk removal service.

    Check Your The Affordability

    Being able to afford the house is your first priority. For brokers like Kale Realty, they usually tell their clients to check how much they can afford. That way, they can efficiently screen the houses that their clients can pay for without stressing their finances.

    The right house should not be one that makes you suffer to pay the bills. Consider the running cost of the house, maintenance, water, and electricity bills as well. Buy a house within your means and you will have a great time living there. Buy too expensive a property and your live could be a struggle for the coming decades, so decide wisely what price you can afford.

    The Outside Is As Good As The Inside

    First impressions last. If the outside of the house lures you in, you should find the insides appealing as well. Often times, buyers get stuck with the idea of the exterior of the homes that they oversee what is truly needed inside the property. Just because it looks good does not mean the house itself is in excellent condition. Trust your real estate agent’s intuition and request for an inspection if you are really considering to buy this house.

    You Can Visualize Yourself and Your Family In It

    Just like apartment hunting, you also need to check if you can visualize you and your kids, if you have any, in the space. Choose a bedroom and see if you can put your personal touch on them. If you walk into a room and almost immediately imagine the colors you want, the furniture arrangements you need and the holiday celebrations taking place, these are great signs.

    As a final tip, Kale Realty from big metropolis Chicago cannot stress the importance of a blank canvas. Homes for sale are often staged and made to look pretty for the buyers. But when you strip off the luxurious furniture and you are left with an open floor, can you still see yourself living in it? Do not get carried away and talk to your real estate agent to get a professional opinion about the property.

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