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    If you are actively following a celebrity doctor or certain related health websites, you’re probably already aware on what “inflammation” really is. You may also have heard about miracle treatments and cure for this medical condition, including a so-called “the anti-inflammatory diet.”

    Many people think that inflammation is the external sign of a problem like bruising, swelling, and bloating. Though it’s not wrong, inflammation actually plays a role on every major disease recorded today. These illnesses include depression, arthritis, heart conditions, diabetes, cancer and dementia.

    The reason why many researchers spend so much time studying and developing ways to counteract inflammation is because when it goes on for a long period of time, it may also trigger other diseases. Inflammation may be a natural immune response in the body, but it can also bring catastrophic effects.

    Acute Inflammation Is Natural, Chronic Is Not

    Inflammation, as mentioned above, is a natural immune response. It is your first line of defense against infections, injuries and other toxins.

    When your cells become distressed due to the presence of pathogens or injuries, your body releases chemicals that alerts your immune system. As soon as the immune system receives such a message, it sends inflammatory cells to trap and fight the foreign invaders. After that, healing can begin. As this process happens, your blood vessels are leaking fluids to the injury site which causes the redness, pain and swelling. Though uncomfortable, these symptoms are important for the healing process.

    Inflammation is a good thing, but too much of it can cause another kind of damage in your body called “chronic inflammation”. In this state, your body is always on high alert on sending fighting cells that can damage the good cells and tissues in your body.

    This kind of lasting damage can lead to severe damage in your major organs including the heart. For example, when inflammatory cells are situated on your blood vessels far too long, plaque buildup can occur. Plaque is considered a foreign object in your body, and even a tiny buildup of it can flare up inflammation even more. As the plaque continues to build up, it can thicken and harden your blood vessels making you a possible victim of a stroke or heart attack.

    Inflammation has a similar role on the blood circulation in the brain. It was long believed that inflammatory cells can’t pass through the blood brain barrier. But according to recent findings, these destructive cells do have the ability to infiltrate the barrier at times, especially when your body is somehow distressed.

    You Should Address It Immediately

    The reason why researchers and scientists find chronic inflammation to be a hot topic is because it has been correlated to almost all major disease processes, and understanding exactly how it causes the disease will pioneer better treatments and interventions on diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.

    What Can Be Done Now

    Occasional inflammation will still occur as we are susceptible to other minor infections, injuries and allergies. Every little bruise or cut will lead to some level of inflammation, but it doesn’t mean we need to treat it with inflammatory medications all the time.

    As treatments like curcumin and piperine and other forms of health interventions are still being researched, what we all can do now to prevent chronic inflammation is change our lifestyle. A lot of unhealthy lifestyle factors have played a role in cellular inflammation. This includes drinking, smoking, gaining too much weight, physical and mental stress. These factors can be reduced if we dedicate our time to it.

    If you need a nutritionist or a doctor’s help, you can always find one that’s available.Smokers can consult physicians on smoking cessation plans. Overweight and obese individuals can get advice from professionals such as a nutritionist to help out with a proper diet, or a surgeon to start discussing options like weight loss surgery.

    Stress management should also be taken into consideration. There are techniques that you can do at home to alleviate stress – yoga can help de-stress the mind and body for instance.

    Every day, researchers are learning more about chronic inflammation and the physiological culprits behind it. Their target now is to find the missing links between major diseases and inflammation. But until there is a definite answer or solution to this problem, our best line of defense against it is controlling our diet and lifestyle.

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    Obesity is the biggest epidemic today, and the fact that many people are suffering from it only tells us that there needs to be a drastic change to be done. For most people, surgery may only be the answer to get back their life again. If you are considering to a surgery to make you lose weight, there’s a big chance that you are now being guided by your doctor on its pre-op and post-op preparation. However, no matter how prepared you are, most patients found that life after the procedure can be full of surprises. Here are some of the things that your doctor might have forgotten to mention.

    Experience Depression

    A study journal published by Yale University stated that 13% of patients that are studied experienced depression. This depression led to self-esteem issues, eating disorders, weaker social functioning and other behavioral issues. This only proves that even though patients undergo weight loss surgery, the link between obesity and depression is still there, and still needs treatment. Weight loss surgeries aren’t quick-fixes.

    Issue of Excess Skin

    The weight loss that happens post-op is gradual enough for the skin of the body to adjust slowly with the changes that’s happening. However, as most patients were morbidly obese, many people are still left with so much excess skin that only another surgery can correct. The worst part is, if the removal of excess skin isn’t deemed as “medically necessary”, no insurance company will pay for this expensive surgery.

    Bathroom-Related Issues

    Post-surgery, you are going to experience diarrhea at some point. They call this the “dumping syndrome” which is a result of poor food choices. It is associated with mild to severe symptoms such as nausea, cramping, lightheadedness, sweating, flushing, and audible sounds in the bowels. Loose stools, constipation and malodorous flatulence may occur as well.

    You Still Need To Exercise

    Many doctors will help you on how to eat right after the surgery. In fact, most doctors will also introduce you to the kind of lifestyle you need to be in. But as soon as the doctor clears you and allows you to include physical activities, you will be asked to get into an exercise routine, and gradually increasing the exercise every 4 to 6 weeks. The surgery only alters the anatomy of your stomach and intestine, other stored excess fat has to be burned the traditional way.

    No More Soda

    Your doctors will not allow you to put strain on your stomach. This means, you can’t be too full with food, and you also can’t have air on your stomach. Drinking soda introduces air in your belly, thus putting pressure and stress in your stomach. Most readmission of patients that undergone this weight loss surgery is usually die to dehydration. So, try to gradually drink lots of water.

    Strain on Relationship or Marriage

    A drastic change such as this can put emotional strains on your relationship. Post-op maintenance can be stressful and not many people can handle it. Aside from an expensive post-op medical care, the surgery may take its toll on the patient too. This means seeking guidance and emotional help through therapy can be stressful and costly.

    Risk of Alcohol Abuse

    There are many theories as to why weight loss surgery patients are vulnerable to alcohol abuse. Some physicians say that patients aren’t technically abusing alcohol. Instead, patients have higher peak alcohol levels due to the fact that they are more likely to reach those peak levels quicker.

    If you’re pondering on weight loss surgery, preparing on what will happen after is the key to achieving the weight loss you need. Make sure to tick all your questions and concerns with your doctor so as to avoid any unwanted surprises.

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    Ketones is the main compound (phenolic type) found in fruits belonging to the berry group.  Fruits like raspberry, blackberry and cranberries are rich in this chemical compound, but in raspberries this is found in its best form. This is the compound that gives the fruits that exotic aroma.

    Raspberry ketones are used for several purposes, especially for preparing different delicious deserts like ice cream, candy, colas, etc. The special aroma adds more to these dishes and gives them an unbeatable taste. However, raspberry ketones didn’t draw that much attention until anything was said about their weight reducing and fat burning capacity. There is a buzz around that raspberry ketones, if used properly, can reduce a noticeable amount of fat within a considerable time.

    Yet there is much to know

    However, it won’t be wise to try this natural compound without knowing about it in detail. Only after testing its effect on animals during extended research works, it was concluded raspberry ketones may reduce fat and it may help one to go slim easily in less time.

    When tested on animals (especially on mouse), the compound gave satisfying result. In animals like rabbit and mouse it worked faster to reduce fatty tissues, especially from the liver portion, but it is not sure yet that the compound will work in same rate, if tested on humans. As the phenolic compound it speeds up the fat burning process and helps in increasing BMR, thus, it is being presumed that the compound will work effectively on human body as well.

    1. Consultation is necessary

    Thus, the best option is to consult a specialist or with fitness professionals to be sure whether it will be effective to use this supplement or not. Only an expert can suggest the perfect doses and uses of the compound to get satisfying result, if they believe that it has that much potential to burn fat.

    1. How to use the compound

    It is quite interesting to know that 1kg of the fruit can produce only 0.63 mg of juice, in spite of looking very juicy and pulpy. Out of that 0.63 mg juice, only 0.42 mg of ketones compound can be extracted. Thus, following this calculation it is easy to guess that how much raspberries one should consume daily if he or she wishes to have the compound in natural form. In addition, absorbing natural raspberry to get that compound won’t be a pocket friendly idea.

    The easiest option is to take it in form of medicine or food supplement. Raspberry ketones supplements are now being produced in large quantity for those who aim to ahieve faster weight loss and a lean and thin figure. Many fitness experts say that if taken with your daily diet, raspberry ketones will work on human beings as well. However, one should not compromise with exercising and should not depend wholly on the ketones supplements to reduce body fat.

    Raspberry ketones syrup is also being produced, which is often used to process food. In fact, it is one of the most expensive food flavor components that are being used extensively in the food industry all over the world.  One kilo of this compound can cost as much as $20,000 and that is why it is often used in form of supplement, syrup, etc. Synthetic compound is comparatively cheaper and this is easily accessible.

    1. The Raspberry Ketone Diet

    The other way to consume raspberry ketone in large portion is to follow a raspberry ketone diet. It is thus said because the experts suggest following a nutritional diet, which contains the ketones compound in maximum. Let’s have a quick check on the possible benefits of following this particular diet chart.

    • Increases metabolism
    • Enhances the cardiovascular system
    • Increases the lipolysis rate
    • Increases the functionality of some hormones

    The diet is often available in form of tablets with maximum 125 mg of strength. Here it must be said that not even an adult should consume more than 200 mg of the compound. More consumption of the compound is unhealthy because instead of reducing weight it gives birth to other physical disorders.

    1. One Compound Several Benefits

    Experts who believe in the magical power of raspberry ketones also describe this as a multipurpose compound. According to them, one who is taking the compound on a daily basis not only burns fat, but also may get permanent relief from obesity. This is because the compound prevents further accumulation of those unhealthy fats. Using raspberry ketones one can also keep his or her growing appetite in control.

    1. Possible Side Effects

    The chemicals used in preparing raspberry ketones supplement influence the stimulant synepherine and that is why one may experience palpitation, high blood pressure, jittery etc. However, none of these symptoms sustain for more than one hour and when you get in the habit of taking the compound on regular basis you don’t experience all these again after sometimes.

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